You have questions & I have answers! 

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How do I book Simply Ang for a portrait session?

You can go through the booking link and secure your deposit. If you want to pay in full email & I will send you an invoice or pick it up from you at your preconsultation. 

What is the best time to book my outdoor session?

The light is the absolute best approximately 1-2 hours before the sun sets. 

Do you do in studio sessions?

Yes, but not right now, we are in the process of selling/moving & until we relocate my studio is temporarily packed up.

Do you have safeguards in place for your files in case your computer crashes?

Yes!!!! I pay to have a backup program running in the background, I have multiple hard drives & practice backing up files to a third off location site religiously. I take your session and memories very seriously so that your images may be safely delivered to you. & If you didn't think to ask that, please ask before you book with any other photographer. 

What does a "Creative Fee" cover?

The creative fee covers my time & talent both shooting and hand editing each image that I will show you at your Gallery Reveal appointment. It covers the time we will spend before your session discussing specifics and making sure your session is what you envisioned, the creative time I spend on location & at my computer, & the time we spend together preparing the perfect art display for your walls and hand picking your purchase from your gallery. Can we skip all that? No, this is my process to ensure a personalized and high quality image is produced & the way I run my small business. I take pride in my brand. 

Can I look at the ones you don't show me at the Gallery Reveal?

The short answer is no. My job as your photographer is to make the tough decisions so you aren't overwhelmed at your ordering session. I go through every image shot & pull out the best ones from your session to complete your gallery. I take my time to compare and even composite (combine multiple images) to ensure that what you see is the best of the bunch. Yes you may hear me clicking away, but you will never see the unedited versions, the awkward blinks, the unflattering poses, or any of the images that don't represent what my brand has to offer. I pride myself in my art, so please trust that I have done my job as hired, and I am not leaving out something that you will regret not seeing.  

How many images will we receive?

No images are included with your creative fee, unless otherwise noted.  Each session will be provided with a gallery size specified by the type of session you book.  All images are viewed in-person with me at your Gallery Reveal & Ordering Session.  There will be no sneak peeks posted before your ordering session. I know, it's hard for me too, trust me I am excited to show you too, but I want to see your reaction & guide you through your order. This is one of my favorite parts of my job. 

Where do you print your images from?

I have hand selected the highest quality labs for my products that I feel represent my brand. I use a few different labs that only professional photographers with a business license & good standing in the industry have access to. I am constantly reading reviews and working with my mentors to stay up to date on which labs are the most consistent and I only offer products that will last for generations to come. 

Do you have a minimum print order

No, I do not. You may order as little or as much as your heart desires. However please note that there is a reschedule fee if you do not place your order at your Gallery Reveal appointment, and images are archived after 2 months. 

Can our friends and family view our images online and order prints?

Yes, they can! After your Gallery Reveal session & your order has been placed I can provide you with a temporary watermarked proofing sheet view able online. 

Do we get the copyright to our photos?

If you choose to purchase Downloadable High-Resolution Images, you will be able to use those images for personal printing and online (i.e. – Facebook, Twitter or a personal blog), and as you see fit for personal use.  All images are the property of Simply Ang Photography & Designs, I retain the copyright.  Please add credit and only share the watermarked web sized version. You will receive a print release up to 8x10. Please note: YOU MAY NOT ALTER OR ADD FILTERS to any digital images purchased.  

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash. Paypal. Mastercard. Visa. American Express. Discover.

Do you have a payment plan?

Payment plans are available for product purchases only. No refunds will be made on partial payments and orders will not be placed until total amount has been paid in full. If you need a payment plan we will discuss details together & have a contract in place. 

 Are you a registered business with the State of Texas?

Yes I most certainly am, and I pay taxes at both the state and federal level. 

What is your turnaround time for my gallery reveal?

*Mini Session – 10-14 business days

*Full & Family Session – 12-16 business days

 What is the best way to contact you?

To get more detailed portrait information or additional questions, please email & provide your phone number as well as the time that you will best be available to discuss further details.